Assos Zegho zonnebril (transparant)

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Assos Zegho zonnebril

Heeft de wereld nog een zonnebril nodig? Waarschijnlijk niet. Het ASSOS-fabrieksteam (ons interne productontwikkelingsteam), in wezen onze productontwikkelaars, vond dat de tot nu toe beschikbare sportbrillen fundamenteel moesten worden herzien om te voldoen aan de specifieke behoeften van de zwaarste sport ter wereld: wielrennen. zegho is oogbeschermend materiaal dat is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met ASSOS Centro Studio en onze vrienden bij Carl Zeiss Vision.

Zegho is duidelijk anders dan alle andere zonnebrillen die u ooit hebt geprobeerd. Rijden met zegho betekent voelen dat het ontwikkeld is om je optimaal te begeleiden tijdens het fietsen. Echt! Volg je hart; probeer het uit en je zult het geloven!

  • Gewicht: 27,5 gram - superlicht
  • UV-bescherming: 100%
  • Waterafstotend: ja
  • Patent: Carl Zeiss V-Toric
  • Gecertificeerd: ASSOS fabrieksteam
Meer informatie
Meer informatie
fabrikant nummer63.99.104.99
ModelZegho crystal
AccessoiresBrillenband, Brillenkoker
Omvang van de levering1 stuk
Inclusief verwisselbare lenzen?Nee
Aanvullende informatieTHE METHOD
ASSOS is not an eyewear company. We are a cycling body R&D + refinement laboratory. At ASSOS we understand cycling and focus exclusively on cycling. We do not produce multi-sports items, nor do we engineer our products for use in other sports. And we never give in to the temptation of increasing sales by broadening our focus.
It is this "exclude-all-other-uses" engineering approach that we applied when we started to develop the first cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection four years ago.
It was clear to us that we must explore new paths and join forces with the best in class to accomplish what we set out to do. Zegho is the combined effort of nine European specialty eyewear makers, each providing a specifically designed component, each manufactured following strict quality guidelines, and all orchestrated by ASSOS Centro Studio and its two dedicated eyewear development engineers.
All consumption creates waste. To protect Earth's resources, we must end the age of waste. Theoretically, the most effective way to protect our world is to not consume anything. Since this is impractical, we believe that consuming less, but better, is the way to go. This means manufacturers must produce less, but of better quality, and their products must fulfill a purpose other than making money. Creating something that lasts reduces repeat sales, but it also reduces the need for more resources. Zegho is a high quality product that has been engineered to perform and to last. Zegho is handmade on the continent in the old-world style - from development to assembly - using artisan know-how combined with cutting-edge technology. Zegho is limited, it is special. Your zegho required 22 manufacturing steps. Its creation required the physical involvement of 37 humans. Buy less, buy better.
ASSOS TV - Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision is an ASSOS innovation produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. With Tunnel Vision, the lower third of the lens is clear, followed by a sharp change to reduced light transmission in the upper two-thirds of the lens. This allows a cyclist to enter a tunnel and or shadow environment without worrying that his world will go dark. An easy 25-degree lift of the head is all that's required to enjoy a clear yet still-protected view ahead, allowing the rider to keep his eyewear in its place and his hands on the bars. Amazingly simple, amazingly functional. Zegho provides protection in every sense of the word. In the sporting goods world, only a few select companies can claim to have branded Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. And little ASSOS is one of them.
Polarized lenses are great - for fishing. For cycling, they're not what you want.
Zegho was created to be the ultimate high performance cycling-specific eye protection. Its job is to give you perfect, fully protected 1:1 performance vision when cycling. What you see is what's there. No filters, no gimmicks, no distortion. That's what you want when cycling. Here's why: first, imagine you're fishing. Eliminating reflections from the water's surface allows you to see the fish and, maybe, catch a big one. Now imagine you're cycling, you're on a fast descent, it's been raining and the sun has just come out but the road is still wet. You're doing 70 km/h, trees are whizzing by, the road is a patchwork of sunny spots, you're coming out of a turn, eyeing the bend ahead, deciding on the line to take, shifting your weight, leaning in, braking... Now, do you want to aquaplane when you hit that puddle of water that's ahead of you, or do you want to see the reflection coming off the puddle's surface, maybe just in time to help you avoid a crash?
Photochromic lenses were a breakthrough technology, allowing one pair of sunglasses to perform well under various lighting conditions, slowly darkening as the sun comes out, lightening in the shade of the forest, perfect for a hike through the countryside. But photochromic lenses are not the right choice for high performance cycling. Their reaction to changes in lighting is way too slow.
Cycling requires an immediate response to lighting changes. Riding in full sunlight,
entering a short, dark tunnel, then shooting out into full sun again - no photochromic lens can change fast enough to keep up. You're forced to remove your eye protection, look over or under it, or just pray there's nothing in your way when you enter that tunnel.
Is there any eye protection in the world that can keep you safe in this situation? Yes! Zegho, with Tunnel View lens technology. Invented by the ASSOS Werksmannschaft (patent pending) and custom made for Zegho by Carl Zeiss Vision?Sunlens, Zegho TV is unique. Dark tinted through the upper two-thirds of the lens and clear across the bottom third, with a sharp transition between the two zones, Zegho TV gives you crystal clear vision with just a slight lift of your head and,
just as important, still gives you 100% protection from UV rays, wind, dust and debris. Wow!
Vision plays a crucial role in our lives, supplying us with 80% of our impressions of the world. But our eyes are delicate organs, and our world is a hazardous place.
Sunlight is one of those hazards. It is a significant source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which represents a very real threat to our vision.
The lens in a young person's eye is crystal clear. As we age, the lens can become yellowed, affecting vision. Extensive research has confirmed that long exposure to the Sun's dangerous UV rays is a cause of this yellowing, as well as other vision problems, including cataracts, melanoma and macular degeneration (a condition that kills retinal cells and affects the central field of vision). These problems develop over many years, and very often there is no pain or immediate loss of vision, but the damage is done.
High-intensity short-term exposure to UV radiation is also a danger, causing burns to the surface of the eye (like sunburn to the skin), a condition known as photokeratitis. While most of us know how to protect our skin from the Sun, many are unaware of the damage the Sun's rays can cause to our eyes. What is there to do?
Protection against many of these devastating eye diseases can be achieved without disturbing normal vision, simply by using high-quality sun lenses. Driven by innovation and a passion for eye care, Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens offers a range of highly effective, premium quality sun lenses that achieve superior optical performance, high material pureness and long-term durability.
As shown in the graph, Zeiss sun lenses absorb hazardous UV-A and UV-B radiation before they damage the eyes (UV-C radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere). As well, the wraparound style of the Zeiss lenses used in Zegho offers superior protection from reflected sunlight, allowing the eyes to further relax and provide sharper vision.
ZEISS sun lenses work to protect your eyes and maintain healthy vision while providing optimal quality and comfort.

Zegho is eyeProtection equipment created by ASSOS Centro Studio and its friends at Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. Zegho feels different than any other sunglasses you have ever put on your face. Riding with Zegho, you feel that it is engineered to be your ideal high performance cycling companion. It is! Follow your heart. Ride it to believe it.
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